Christian Slater's latest film has been dramatically pulled from a screening by its director - because he's unhappy with the final edit.

PETER RICHARDSON cancelled a preview showing of CHURCHILL: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS just hours before its premiere, so he can make amendments to the movie before its release on 24 September (04).

A source explains, "Everyone was turned away at the last minute. It was all very odd.

"Peter Richardson is not pleased with it and wants to re-edit the film."

Spokeswoman AMY MATTHEWS says, "I don't know when there will be another screening or when it will be released."

Meanwhile, the movie's depiction of the late British Prime Minister is continuing to spark controversy, because it features Slater portraying him as an American soldier who enjoys a kiss with the future Queen, ELIZABETH II, during the Second World War.

NORMAN HARVEY ROGERS, chairman of THE CHURCHILL SOCIETY, spits, "I am absolutely disgusted that a film like this has been made.

"It's despicable and deplorable. It is in the utmost bad taste."

19/08/2004 13:50