Christian Slater is desperate to reunite with his estranged wife RYAN HADDON and keep his family with him in London.

The pair split amid reports Haddon was sick of Slater's non-stop partying and wanted to move back to Los Angeles following his run in West End play ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, whereas Slater was keen to stay in Britain.

But the actor wants to reconcile with his wife of five years.

Slater, a father-of-two, says, "I saw my wife and children (JADEN and ELIANA) recently, and everything was fine. They are happy here.

"I'm not going to go into details about our living situation, but I am naturally extremely keen to make sure everything works for the best."

A source, meanwhile, refutes reports Haddon is bored with London, insisting, "Ryan loves Europe.

"She was brought up in Paris where her mother, DALE, was the face of L'OREAL, so the location of her home is not an issue.

"She loves it in London and wants to stay and make a life here - with or without Christian."

15/02/2005 13:48