US actor Christian Slater is set to star in a new West End adaptation of the Kevin Spacey movie Swimming With Sharks.

Slater, who made a name for himself in the West End during an extended run of the adaptation of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, will begin his new role in October.

The play will be shown at the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand and will initially book for a 15-week run.

The True Romance actor will star as Buddy Ackerman, Spacey's character in the 1994 film.

Slater told the London Evening Standard that he could not wait for his next spell on the West End saying that it felt like "coming home".

"Doing Cuckoo's Nest was like a rock concert every night. I experienced great moments of elation in the West End," he said.

"But after the experience of Cuckoo's Nest and the fun I had with that particular character, to have read something else that was on a par or even may be more exciting was phenomenal. This character is a role I can really sink my teeth into."

Slater's spell as the charismatic RP McMurphy was hailed by critics as a triumph, following on from the extremely high benchmark set by Jack Nicholson.

09/08/2007 12:27:09