Christian Slater is still mystified about the failure of his marriage to Ryan Haddon, because he felt sure he was destined to be with her forever.

The actor never thought of himself as the "marrying kind" when he met and fell for Haddon and then wed her in a romantic ceremony on St Valentine's Day (14FEB) 2000 - but he was sure he'd found his soulmate.

She was even reading the same inspirational book as he was - NEALE DONALD WALSCH's (corr) CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD - when they first met.

Slater recalls, "I saw her at the gym and she was reading this book. It gave us something amazing to talk about straight away.

"I discovered later that she had told a friend, 'Whatever man loves this book is the man I am going to marry.' It was deep. We were both seriously into it.

"We read the whole series of books together and there were some vows in there that were amazing.

"My wife wrote to the guy that wrote them and he ended up marrying us on 14 February."

Slater filed for divorce from Haddon last month (FEB05), but now there's a glimmer of hope they might get back together after the actress appeared on her estranged husband's arm at the premiere of his new Broadway, New York, play THE GLASS MENAGERIE on Tuesday night (22MAR05).

24/03/2005 03:05