Actor Christian Slater has slammed reports he tried to buy drugs which cure erectile dysfunction disorder, at a New York urinal on Monday night (23MAY05).

An unnamed man accused the TRUE ROMANCE star of asking him for Cialis - a longer-lasting version of Viagra - because he'd met an attractive girl at his brother JIMMY's barbecue and wanted to impress her with his sexual stamina.

But Slater, whose drug problems led to a 90-day jail spell in 1997, laughed off the claims, insisting he was joking when he made the request.

The accuser says, "I was at the urinal. Christian Slater is next to me and starts talking.

"He says he's met this girl at the bar, he was hitting on her and he thought he could take her home. Then he asks me if I have any Cialis."

But the star's spokesman tells website PAGESIX.COM, "He was just joking around."

27/05/2005 14:02