Movie star Christian Slater owes his sobriety to further education and karate - because he switched his addiction to drugs to a craving to tick off items on a wish list.

The actor admits the 1990s was a terrible time for him, with legal and drug problems leading to a 90-day jail spell in 1997.

And he was heading for self-destruction until he decided to tackle things he'd once dreamed about.

He says, "I started to make a list of things I hadn't yet accomplished. I asked myself what I had to do and I ticked them off as I went through them.

"Education was the main thing so I went back to school and got my high school diploma.

"The sense of being able to see something all the way through and accomplish it was cool. After that I started taking acting classes. That was really helpful for me. It gave me confidence.

"I did karate too - I'd never really felt too comfortable with my fighting skills. And I ran the LA marathon."

26/03/2005 01:28