Christian Slater drove director GUY MASTERSON from the British stage version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, after fighting incessantly with co-star Frances Barber.

Masterson walked out on the show just two weeks before it was due to open at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL - because Slater and Barber's bickering drove him to breaking point.

He says, "It wasn't easy, Christian and Frances do have very different acting styles. While one wants to fly the other needs very detailed direction. It was very hard work.

"I was at the point of a mental and emotional breakdown. I just had to go."

Despite a delayed opening after a series of disasters - including several other resignations and lead man Slater contracting chicken pox - the production opened in Edinburgh on Tuesday (10AUG04).

12/08/2004 21:27