Slater has picked up a Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Award for his role in the popular series, about a group of computer hackers, but he admits the show's plotlines have made him extra wary about his family's Internet security.

"This show has raised my level of awareness," he told WENN. "I update my password often and I'm now aware that, as wonderful as the Internet is and what a magical power it has brought to all of us, it can also be a very dangerous tool.

"I have two kids and it's made me a little more paranoid in regards to who they're talking to and more protective about it. I've got monitoring devices, and, as long as they're under my roof, I'm going to make sure to the best of my ability... which is difficult because we're living in a world where they invent things to hide things from parents.

"There are sneaky app guys who will make things to intentionally do that," he added. "They want to keep parents in the dark. You've really got to work extra hard to stay on top of it."

Christian only hopes his show is helping other parents get to grips with their kids' Internet use: "If this show can do that for others that's certainly serving a purpose and a benefit. Any time you can raise people's awareness in entertainment in any way... can certainly make a difference."