Slater wants to have two jobs; his current one as a star of TV series Mr. Robot and as co-host on former soap actress Ripa's New York-based morning talk show, Live With Kelly!

Christian revealed he wanted to be a part of the talk show during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (06Oct16) and the audience wildly applauded.

"I love it," he said. "And I mean it's so great! I live six blocks away from there (studio). It's right in the city. It's one of the greatest jobs ever. I love her (Ripa). She's amazing."

The Golden Globe-winning actor was asked by DeGeneres if he was really serious about the job.

The actor responded, "Hey Kelly, let's do it. I can absolutely handle both jobs, yeah. I am putting my hat in the ring. I am coming. I'll be there."

Slater was once one of America's biggest heartthrobs, appearing in cult movies like Heathers, Interview With the Vampire, Pump Up the Volume, and True Romance.