Christian Slater has revealed he actually owns Captain Kirk's Starship Enterprise chair from the original Star Trek series.
The Heathers star's character in new U.S. TV drama Breaking In owns the chair on the show, but Slater admits the prop department didn't have to look far for the iconic piece of furniture - it belongs to him.
And the actor insists the item has an odd power attached to it.
He explains, "It definitely does have an iconic kind of vibe to it. Adam Sandler came to visit the set because he's a producer of the show... and I took him right into the office, where the chair is and I said, 'Dude, have a seat. You've got to sit down in this chair.' He's like, 'No, no, no, that's too powerful, I can't,' and he wouldn't do it.
"When that chair is on the set, you know."
Slater once had the opportunity to meet his TV idol and the man behind Kirk, William Shatner, but he was dressed inappropriately - and instead spent four hours staring at his hero from beneath a table.
He tells U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, "I was about seven... My mother is in the business, she's a casting director, so she knows everybody, literally, and I remember she woke me up that morning and she had this whole Star Trek outfit for me to wear, but it wasn't, like, a cool Star Trek outfit... She got me a white outfit that had little Starship Enterprises all over it.
"I put this get up on and we went to see a show and then we went back the house that night and there was a party... and William Shatner was standing there in the hallway... I looked at my outfit and I hid under a table for about four hours. He was standing in the hallway that I would have to take to get to my bedroom."