Actor Christian Slater used the time he spent on the set of new movie BOBBY networking and seeking more work with his heroes. The ambitious TRUE ROMANCE star took every opportunity to promote himself when cameras weren't rolling on Emilio Estevez's star-studded movie. And Slater wound up landing roles in two other movies alongside his acting heroes and Bobby co-stars William H Macy and SIR Anthony Hopkins. He says, "There was a lot of wonderful stuff that came out of Bobby. I got to meet and shake hands with a lot of wonderful actors and handed Bill MACy, who plays my boss in the film, a script and we shot a movie called HE WAS A QUIET MAN together. "I also got to work on Anthony Hopkins's movie SLIPSTREAM from meeting him in Bobby. "That was great. There were lessons on that I will take with me for the rest of my career - just being in his presence and around him. He was very open and enthusiastic and passionate. "Anthony Hopkins is a great example of not only a phenomenal movie star but a great gentleman."