Christian Louboutin refuses to give his shoes away for free.

The designer - whose creations are worn by the likes of Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker - does not think it is necessary to give away his wares because people who love his shoes should be prepared to pay the price for them.

Christian told GQ magazine: ''I don't give away my shoes to celebrities for free. I'm only happy when people like what I do and make the effort to buy them.

''I would not be happy to see people in my shoes if I knew that they had to be paid to do it, that they had to be pushed.

''I want to make other people happy with what I do. I wouldn't get any satisfaction if it was forced.''

He also believes it is more important for customers to like his shoes rather than spending money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Christian added: ''Word of mouth is more valuable than any billboard. I saw it as a good sign that in the middle of August, when no one is around, I could open my first men's store in Paris without advertising it and from the first day it started to take off.''