Christian Louboutin won't sign his name to just anything.

The iconic shoe designer recently launched his own beauty line but insists he thinks long and hard about what ventures he will work with as he wants it to feel right.

He said: ''For the last 10 years, I've gotten proposals to do everything, from cars and glasses to swimwear and ready-to-wear - everything. But it never seemed right to me. I'm just not interested in having my name everywhere. I don't want it becoming a name you can license.''

Christina says he decided to launch a beauty range because too many people were making fake products with his name own.

He told WWD: ''It was so organic and became quite obvious. So many people were referencing Louboutin manicures [where the underside of the nails are painted red]. There were fake products being made. When I first started to speak to Alexis about it, he said, 'I don't exactly see it,' and I said, 'Neither do I!' I can't say this is my idea, but it was on everyone's mind, and my antennas just captured something.''