Christopher Kane could be in the running for the Christian Dior job.

The British designer is the latest name to join the frame to replace John Galliano as the head of the French fashion house after he was sacked last year for anti-Semitic behaviour.

Respected fashion writer Suzy Menkes wrote in the International Herald Tribune: ''The collaboration between Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane with his sister Tammy is a sweet reminder of the Gianni Versace-Donatella years. But what if - as the rumour mill claims - Mr Kane has been put up for the Dior job? There will be yet another round of musical chairs.''

Other designers reported to be in the running for the prestigious job include Raf Simons and Stefano Pilati while Marc Jacobs has seemingly ruled himself out.

However, Suzy doesn't think this uncertainty is good for anyone involved.

She said: ''Caught in this maelstrom are the designers. By their nature artistic and fragile people, they see themselves treated like commodities, bought and dispensed with as the corporate house pleases... Cut off from reality as Mr Galliano was and many others still are, in the world of first-class travel and the chauffer at the door, they find themselves enmeshed in a web of their own making.''