Christian Dior's ghostly presence made itself felt on the set of 'Dior and I'.

Filming for the documentary, which chronicles the creation of creative director Raf Simons' debut couture collection for the fashion house, was reportedly interrupted by the spooky spirit of the French company's iconic founder, who passed away in 1957.

Director Frédéric Tcheng told The Cut: ''It was very intense, shooting those night scenes in the atelier. You could sense that there was a spirit there, and it was just us in the dark with the security guy, and there would be all these sounds of pipes, and it was just - you could sense a presence.''

In the film, the company's seamstresses also claim the late French designer haunts his Parisien atelier, but this is the first time the filmmaker has discussed it.

He also revealed the eerie atmosphere on set influenced his style of filming, which features a haunting voice-over of poet Omar Berrada reading from Dior's autobiography.

Frédéric added: ''I was interested in this idea of what remains in the past and the present and how alive that is. The idea of ghosts and spirits and cinema. All these questions have to do with the present.''

'Dior and I' premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was shot in 2012, just as newly installed Raf prepared to launch his debut collection for the house.