Bosses at Sony Pictures Classics are celebrating after winning an appeal to get Oscar-nominated foreign film JOYEUX NOEL a PG-13 rating in America. The French World War One drama hits US cinemas today (03MAR06) and producers feared it would be released with a restrictive R rating, but censors yesterday (02MAR06) agreed the film deserved a softer rating. The film, inspired by true events, takes place in the trenches of the First World War on Christmas Eve in 1914. It initially upset US censors due to some war violence and brief nudity. But Sony bosses and the film's director Christian Carion insisted the movie bosses were missing out on the message of the foreign film - and insisted they review their decision to release the movie as an R. After winning the ratings battle, a delighted Carion says, "It is important this film is PG-13 because it is a movie young people should see. It has a message of peace, not violence, which is very important nowadays - especially for our youth."