'The Dark Knight Rises', starring Christian Bale, has started its attempt to take over 'The Avengers' as the highest grossing action hero film of all time in earnest, with tickets going on sale last week with the opening night promptly selling out, according to Entertainment Weekly. Indeed, apparently most of the major cities in the USA are now sold out for IMAX screenings of the film, with normal viewings not far behind.

This means that it's high time for ticket touts, with eBay predictably full of tickets going for extortionate prices to hard-core fans desperate to see the film as quickly as possible rather than waiting a few days for when it quietens down. Most major markets are selling tickets for well over $100, with one particular screening at Manhattan's Lincoln Square Theater going for $114 a pop. Tickets for boutique Los Angeles theatre Arclight are going for $150, or as EW enjoys pointing out, one gallon of gasoline. Meanwhile in the UK somebody in London is selling an IMAX ticket for 300 pounds!

At any rate, it's still going to have to go some to beat 'The Avengers', which went on a phenomenal run earlier this year and currently sits around $586 million in takings in the US, with a global total of $1.42 billion.