Christian Bale conjured up ghosts from the past to play a master illusionist in new film THE PRESTIGE - his grandfather was a member of the Magic Circle. The Batman BEGINS star jumped at the chance to honour his grandfather in the period drama and spent the movie recalling magic moments from his youth when he was treated to attic illusion shows. Bale says, "I never got to see him perform but he would, on occasions, when I was small, drag down a chest from the attic which had his old props and tricks in it. "Most of them were aged at the time and not working properly but he would show me how he did certain things. It was nice to rekindle memories of that in doing The Prestige." But Bale's grandfather's love of magic wasn't passed down to the actor: "I bought a little magic box and was excited about it for a night and that was it, done."