Christian Bale's new onscreen wife has jumped to his defence amid reports the actor has turned the new Terminator movie into a tension-filled shoot.
Actress Bryce Dallas Howard has laughed off reports that The Dark Knight star has been unruly on the set of Terminator:Salvation, insisting he's the best actor she's ever had the pleasure of working with.
Reports of Bale's on-set tantrums hit the headlines last week (ends25Jul08) after the actor was arrested in London for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister.
But Spider-Man 3 star Howard insists she doesn't recognise the temperamental star in the media reports.
She says, "This man is just a gentleman, an amazing person. I adore him and I just can't wait to be with him next week.
"(His character) John Connor is a very intense character... and so misinterpretations could happen, but every experience I've had with Christian has been like, 'I'm not worthy to be in your presence.'
"I have not had an experience like this before with an actor."