Christian Bale's TERMINATOR SALVATION co-star Terry Crews has come to the actor's defence after a taped on-set rant was leaked on the Internet. The Dark Knight star could be heard angrily reprimanding an assistant director for walking onto the set while Bale was shooting a scene.
Furious Bale demanded the crewmember be fired, while hurling abuse and profanity at the careless assistant.
But co-star Crews insists too much is being made of the actor's outburst.
He tells, "Anyone can have a bad day... I'd get mad too if I was the number one star in the world and people started to mess with me. He is a class act! He is one of the greatest actors ever.
"I'm vouching for him. I know he's a nice guy. I know he's all about his work."
Bale's angry rant was caught on tape and sent to the insurance company behind Terminator Salvation - just in case the actor decided not to complete the film following the incident.