The British actor stars in the abstract drama movie as washed up screenwriter Rick, who journeys back through the women of his life while questioning his purpose in the world. With no real script provided by Malick, the cast - including Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett - were forced to improvise during production, and the director's unique methods kept Christian grounded.

"Terry's a great destroyer of vanity," the handsome star told Little White Lies magazine. "You might do something where you'd normally think, 'Wow, man, I did a really good scene,' then you'd look up and the camera's looking over that way instead. You learn, 'Right, just do it for yourself and then if he does decide to turn the camera around, don't try to repeat what you did. Alright, so it might not be as great, or dramatic, or memorable but, just keep it truthful.' That was all that he ever looked for."

Due to the offbeat method of filming, there was no real start or end date to proceedings and the project took two years in post production to perfect. Christian admits he had a look of confusion on his face most of the time, but insists it helped with his character.

While many critics have questioned and slammed the film for its lack of dialogue, the American Hustle star sees nothing but magic in the spontaneous moments.

"Where there as meant to be a scene, where there was dialogue, it ended up being silent because the person didn't realise that the camera was rolling," he recalled. "You get these happy accidents that end up being quite wonderful."