Christian Bale says the hugely anticipated Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will be his third and final movie as the caped-crusader, unless director Christopher Nolan tells him otherwise.
Bale, 37, has provided the guttural voice behind the hero's mysterious mask in the two previous moves Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but insists he will now move on to other projects. Speaking to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Oscar-winning actor explained, "I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I'm taking that cowl off.I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so it's all done.Everything's finished. It's me and Chris - that will be the end of that Batman era". Actors Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney have all previously played the 'Dark Knight', but starring in Nolan's acclaimed trilogy, Bale has won plaudits as perhaps the best Batman yet. The comments come after he spoke to E! News about his desire to bring his era to an end, saying, "The thing is that this will be, I believe, unless Chris says different, this will be the last time I'm playing Batman".
Joining Bale in the forthcoming movie are newcomers, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway, the latter of whom came in for particular praise from the actor, who said, "There are a number of people who feel that the Catwoman role has been defined previously.So, I always saw Anne's role as being the toughest job of any of us". Among his post-Batman projects will be Terrence Malick's movie 'Lawless', in which Christian stars opposite Ryan Gosling and ROONEY MARA.