Actor Christian Bale became a pest on the set of new biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings because he studied his character, Moses, and became an expert.

The star admits he bothered director Ridley Scott as he learned more and more about the hero he was portraying.

He tells Wenn, "The thing that I did find most fascinating about Moses, with complete respect to the other portrayals and other films that I've seen, was when I read the Torah completely from beginning right through to the end; that it is incredibly fascinating, and Moses is possibly the most intriguing figure I've ever come across.

"He encompasses virtually every single human emotion known to man. He is somebody who is heroic and strong. He is a liberator, he is a leader. He is somebody who, at times, is absolutely wracked with self doubt but is certainly an iconoclast.

"I kept on annoying Ridley with how fascinating the character was and how much we could add, saying, 'Can't we put this in?' But he would say, 'Well Christian, that's an eight-hour long film... Please shut up; I'm trying to get through a day's work!'

"There's a reason why his story has resonated for a millenia and why his story is one of the most important in mankind's history."