Christian Bale has run into complications in China, despite being the actor who their government hope will bring the nation back its first ever OSCAR AWARD thanks to his starring role in the part-state funded film. The actor stars in 'The Flowers Of War' in the country, a movie directed by Zhang Yimou and the country's foreign film submission for the Academy Awards; it was the most expensive Chinese film ever made at $94 million and the publicity for it in the country has been blanket.
However, China may now have run into trouble in its campaign after CNN showed clips of Bale being attacked by local guards as he made an attempt to visit the illegally confined lawyer CHEN GUANGCHENG. Chen had been placed under house arrest after taking on the cases of thousands of women who had been victims under the nation's aggressive family planning campaign including sterilisations and abortions, measures used to try and taper China's population explosion.
The New York Times reports that the Hollywood star certainly isn't the only man to have attempted to visit the lawyer, and he's certainly not the only one whose faced similar resistance, with many locals set upon after attempts to break the line. This is a blow for China's soft power campaign though, as Bale was seen repeatedly pleading "Why can I not visit this free man?" before retreating and being given chase by men in a grey van.