Christian Bale appears to be at war with the Chinese government after attempting to visit Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist who has been under house arrest in the country for documenting its population-control measures. In a video that went viral earlier this week, the Batman actor was seen being ruffed up by Chinese officials and the government later had strong words for the Hollywood star.
A spokesperson for the government said, "He was not invited to create a story or shoot film in a certain village.I think if you want to make up news in China, you will not be welcome here". The actor was in the country promoting his latest flick 'Flowers of War', about an American pretending to be a priest in order to survive the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanking, China. The movie is tipped as a possible winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 2012 Oscars, though Jeff Labrecque of Entertainment Weekly suggests the government's tussle with Bale has severely affected its chances of a statuette. Iranian movie A Separation is the favorite to win the foreign movie prize, and Bale vs China may have convinced the Academy to stick with their guns and vote for the frontrunner. China has never won an Oscar, but spent $100 million of Flowers of War in the hope of taking its booming movie industry to the next level - though the Academy Awards can often be a political affair and the latest controversy will do the movie no favors.
It's not the first time that Christian Bale has hit the headlines for his off screen antics. In 2009, an audio recording from the shoot of Terminator Salvation featured Bale ranting at the director of photography for interrupting his concentration during a scene. The clip went viral and has since been comically remixed hundreds of times.