Actor Christian Bale has praised his wife SIBI for putting up with his intense mood swings - insisting the former model "doesn't take any nonsense".
The British star hit the headlines earlier this year (09) when a tape of him ranting at a production worker on his Terminator Salvation movie was leaked on the Internet.
Bale put his foul-mouthed outburst down to the method acting techniques he uses to stir his emotions for intense scenes.
And the star admits his dedication to his work often seeps into his home life - but praises his long-term partner, who he married in 2000, for her understanding nature.
He says, "My attitude does change at home, depending on which character I'm playing, but Sibi likes that. She thinks it's quite cool. You can look at it in two ways. You can think, 'That poor woman, forced to put up with that.' Or, 'What an incredibly lucky woman, who gets to be with all these different guys all the time.'
"I have a very strong wife. She's incredibly strong and feisty, she doesn't take any nonsense and I love it!"