Christian Bale found it easy to conjure up the beast from within required to play a menacing superhero in Batman BEGINS, because his tight rubber suit made him feel like a caged animal.

The Welsh-born movie star got over his discomfort wearing the Batsuit, and turned the situation to his advantage.

He says, "I could hardly breathe in it. It became clear that I just could not wear that Batsuit and feel anything but an ass unless I really became like a beast within it, and so I made Batman become somewhat demonic.

"I didn't want to feel like an idiot on his way to a Halloween party - that's the way he's often been portrayed and the way that it had gone with some of the movies with these kind of one-liners and quips and things.

"It just wasn't savage enough for what that Batsuit felt like it had to be. It was his demonic incarnation and the way that he channelled all of his negative emotions and rage so that he was able to function in regular society as BRUCE WAYNE."

08/06/2005 03:10