The flashy fashion icon lost his battle with cancer, aged 57, last year (15) and in his final months he teamed up with filmmaker Fabrice Sopoglian to document his health battle.

The film, titled Vif - Audigier's nickname, will preview at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, and Sopoglian reveals the choice of narrator was very important.

"All the documentary is from a very artistic point of view, with the voice of the American actor Michael Madsen," he told Cover Media. "Michael Madsen speaks for Christian Audigier, he tells Christian's life and becomes Christian. Michael Madsen and Christian Audigier worked together... and it was in fact what Christian wanted, having a voice like Michael Madsen, because his dream was to have an American accent!"

And he also tells the outlet Audigier made him promise to complete the documentary.

"Christian was very positive; he told me, 'I think everything will be fine, but if everything goes wrong, swear you will finish this project'. I had to finish it.

"When everything stopped, I decided to go on with the project, without him, so I went to several places - from Avignon (Audigier's birthplace) to Brazil to collect testimonies from his friends and family, to have a whole picture of his entire life, from the beginning to the end.

"What was at first a documentary about his disease became a documentary about the man he was... the success and the fall, the disease, the doubts, all of that."

The director/producer spent six months documenting his friend's life before the designer died, and he admits it was a tough shoot as he was literally watching the fashion icon die.

"He wanted me to follow him during all the chemo process and so on... We were there with him and for him until the end. It was a really tough project. At the beginning, I was hesitating a lot before doing it, because I knew I will become really attached to Christian... I spent so much time with him, so many moments of doubt and fear.

"I knew him from when he was so successful, at his best, and seeing him again like this, so bad, so physically and mentally hit, it was a fight for both of us."