Shortly after news of Shelton's break-up with Miranda Lambert broke, gossips and bloggers suggested Young was behind the split, having cheated on his pal with the Mama's Broken Heart hitmaker.

Young quickly denied the false reports, insisting he had nothing to do with the split.

Now the dust has settled, Young tells news show Entertainment Tonight he was “shocked” when his name was linked to the drama, stating, "Man, it sucks that I got put in this situation with two people who are my friends. It's just so weird getting pulled into something like that where it just wasn't true.

"I was in touch with Blake all day that day. He was like, 'Dude, sorry.' I was like, 'I know, man...'"

Shelton and Lambert announced that they were heading for divorce last month (Jul15), and Young insists he hasn't seen either of his pals since the new broke.

He adds, "I've definitely texted and called both of them. They're both good since the last time I've heard from them. As good as you can be…They’re both really great friends still, so it’s just one of those things."