LATEST: Chris Weitz has resigned as director of the film adaptation of Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy HIS DARK MATERIALS, blaming on-set technical difficulties.

Earlier this month (DEC04) Weitz removed references to God from the adaptation after NEW LINE film studio expressed concern, and he is now quitting as director to concentrate on developing the script.

Weitz says, "The technical challenges of making such an epic are more than I can undertake at this point.

"It will be an extraordinary film, but at this point in my life I am not the right director to bring it to pass.

"I look forward to retaining my place as screenwriter and helping to bring Mr Pullman's epic vision to cinematic life. I deeply appreciate his support, and the understanding of everyone at New Line in allowing me to step aside.

"His Dark Materials is an amazing story, and at this point we have such a strong screenplay I'm confident we'll have real interest from A-level film-makers."

15/12/2004 16:33