LATEST: The mum-of-three seeking a full DNA test from funnyman Chris Rock insists she'll celebrate whether the comic is named the father of her teenage son or not. Rock has already tested negative to one test, but Kali Bowyer claims he has another one to go before he can be ruled out as the father of 13-year-old Jordan. And even then, the former actress, who claims to have dated Rock briefly in the mid-1990s, insists she'll accept the decision either way - because she'll know for definite who the father is. She says, "If Chris is not the father, I know who is; it can only be one other guy." Bowyer tells WENN the other candidate is an abusive ex-fiance, who hasn't spoken to Jordan since 2004. She adds, "He signed Jordan's birth certificate but there's still some doubt in his mind." Meanwhile, Bowyer admits she's currently receiving criticism after Rock sailed through his first DNA test last week (ends03Aug07) - and she's keen to point out that she never went after her alleged comedian ex for his money. She says, "I never sued for child support, I requested to establish paternity. This is about my son knowing who his father is. "I've said to him, 'I'm really sorry that this is happening.' And my son said, 'Mom, you're doing nothing wrong.' "He only knew about all of this because he walked in on a conversation between me and Chris Rock's attorney. He then asked to see all my diaries dating back to when I was dating Chris."