Funnyman Chris Rock is getting serious about charges he fathered a journalist's teenage son - he has filed papers in Georgia in response to her claims. KALI BOWYER took her story to the US tabloids last month (Mar07), alleging her 13-year-old son Jordan is the result of a romance she had with the comedian in the early 1990s. Bowyer is asking Rock to take a DNA test because she thinks his genetic history will help doctors determine why her son suffers from seizures. The journalist, 35, went to the tabloids after 10 years of appealing to Rock fell on deaf ears - and it looks like her latest actions have done the trick. The 42-year-old comic, who has two children with his wife Malaak Compton, is not only going to take a DNA test to establish paternity, but has also filed papers to establish child support and visitation rights if he's found to be the teen's father, according to US news show Entertainment Tonight.