Funnyman Chris Rock is always prepared to be booed off stage at his stand-up gigs, because he knows his comedy career can't last forever.
The Head of State actor recently returned to his stand-up roots for an international tour, and while his gigs have been a huge success, he insists on adopting a realistic approach to his comedy career.
So, he readies himself for a negative crowd reaction before he steps on stage.
He tells the Las Vegas Review Journal, "It's not that you fall. It's just one day there are new people, and, you know, the opportunities aren't what they once were.
"It happens to everybody, man. I prepare for the worst. I think every show I do, I realise I could get booed off the stage and they could throw tomatoes..."
And the joker compares the situation to the brief career of one-time rapper Vanilla Ice, who enjoyed short-lived chart success with his 1990 hit Ice Ice Baby.
He adds, "One day you're Vanilla Ice, and the next day you're... Vanilla Ice."