Funnyman Chris Rock fears the confusion about the state of his marriage came from him openly stating he was bored in his comedy act. The comedian and his wife MALAAK have been forced to defend their marriage of late after reports circulated suggested the Rocks were on the rocks. Rock accepts fans may have been confused about his comedy routine, in which he admitted he was bored with his marriage - but he was just being an honest everyman. He says, "Anything that is forever is entombment... People make a big deal out of, 'You say marriage is boring.' Everything in America, where you live in a country where food and shelter aren't your biggest concerns, bores you after a point. "Even sex gets boring. Any long-term relationship can get boring, even if it's with your favourite restaurant - because eventually you're gonna get bored with the food in there." In a recent statement, Rock slammed reports his marriage was in trouble, writing, "It is extremely hurtful to us, our children, and our extended family. We remain, as always, very happy and committed to our marriage and the beautiful family that we have built."