Chris Rock is so determined to see fellow comedian Jamie Foxx take an OSCAR home at next month's (FEB05) ceremony, he has vowed to steal one for him if he doesn't win.

While the ACADEMY AWARD nominated have yet to be announced, Rock, who is hosting the ceremony, is confident Foxx will take the Best Actor trophy home - for his role in Ray Charles biopic RAY - and he's willing to take action to ensure it.

Rock says, "I am rooting for Jamie, and if he doesn't win, I'm going to talk about it on the show.

"(If Foxx doesn't win) I'll take an Oscar from one of the sound or light people that win and give it to him. Jamie Foxx is not going to walk out of that place without an Oscar."

Foxx is a favourite to scoop the prize, alongside LEONARDO DiCAPRIO for his role in Howard Hughes biopic THE AVIATOR - a movie which has failed to impress Rock.

He adds, "It's a weird movie; it's well made, but a story about a rich guy who gets things done doesn't excite me. Oooh, he overcame obstacles, like how much money to spend. And he washed his hands a lot."

21/01/2005 09:53