Comedian Chris Rock is trying to come up with jokes that won't backfire on him at tomorrow night's (28AUG03) MTV Video Music Awards because he doesn't want to repeat his war with P DIDDY.

Rock reveals the rap mogul called him the morning after he last hosted the VMAs to complain about a gag that upset his then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

Rock recalls, "I said, 'J.LO has a limo for her, and one for her a**,' and I got a call from PUFFY the next day: 'Hey man, that wasn't cool.'

"I sent flowers to her and her ass - because I'm crazy. She doesn't like me but her a** loves me.

"This year I'm gonna go out there and try not to get punched in the face, and try to keep R KELLY separated from the kids."

27/08/2003 08:53