American actor/comedian Chris Rock is disgusted by modern social values, insisting jailed criminals are treated better than those living on the streets. The EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS star claims convicts are privileged to be fed three times a day when the innocent homeless are forced to starve. He says, "We're too nice to our criminals. "Prisoners get three meals a day, homeless people don't get anything. That's messed up. "I think criminals should get one meal a day. Dinner. And not on a tray like normal people. They should put a cow in a courtyard and whatever happens, happens." Rock is also baffled by authorities who are concerned prisons are becoming overpopulated. He adds, "There's this big fuss about prisons overcrowding. "Prison overcrowding? I don't get it. I thought that was the whole idea of prison - a place for prisoners to feel uncomfortable. "At my house, we used to sleep four to a bed, but we never tried to hang my dad."