Chris Rock and MARILYN MANSON stunned American TV viewers on Thursday night (09SEP04), when they indulged in a vagina-shaped cookie.

The stars appeared on raunchy chat show THE Graham Norton EFFECT, where they were shown a range of naughty sweet treats called CARNAL COOKIES by host GRAHAM NORTON.

And while a pimp cookie failed to impress them, both Rock and Manson were taken aback by the cookie resembling female genitalia - so much so that they decided to eat it.

Manson commented, "This is the only show where you can have us two eating a p***y!," prompting funnyman Rock to fire back, "We've eaten the same p***y before!"

Openly gay Norton also indulged, noting, "It tastes better than they said. I don't get the fuss. That was delicious!"

Norton also showed the stars an elaborate sex toy called the IJACULATOR (corr).

Looking at the product, Manson said, "I think HUGH JACKMAN should really endorse it."

12/09/2004 21:20