Could it be that Madagascar 3 has turned out to be an improvement on its two predecessors? Well, if the meta ratings are to be believed, then yes. It's scored an impressive 75 per cent on the reviews aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes, so far, with the majority of the top reviewers giving it the thumbs up. The second instalment in the animated franchise scored 64 per cent (2008) whilst the first and original Madagascar film scored just 55 per cent (in 2005).

The fast-moving, frenetic caper is praised by Richard Corliss, of TIME Magazine, who says "I have to give props to a movie that ascends from eccentricity to insanity without losing its footing." Todd MCCarthy (Hollywood Reporter) disagreed, stating "yes, it's a cartoon, but it's conspicuously un-modulated, with the volume set on high and the pacing all but pushed to fast-forward." Claudia Puig, writing for USA Today was equally scathing, saying that the pace of the movie mainly makes it feel like a "frenzied spectacle."

One of the movie's stars, Chris Rock was interviewed on USA Today and told viewers that his kids were attending the movie's premiere in a pink limousine and joked that he wished YouTube paid royalties, as his song from the movie has been viewed over 750,000 times on the video sharing website. Rock voices the role of Marty in the animated animal caper, alongside Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Sacha Baron Cohen and JADA PINKETT-SMITH.