Hollywood funnyman Chris Rock has prompted the FBI to investigate a blackmail conspiracy which has conned several stars into paying for a child that isn't theirs.

The Head Of State actor told American DJ Howard Stern how he was targeted by a beautiful accomplice who had unprotected sex with him in a top Los Angeles hotel and then hit him with false pregnancy claims a few months later.

Rock says, "Some very high-up, famous men have been caught. You don't realise that women can be that ruthless until you have been in that situation. A girl tells you they are pregnant and you go, 'Oh! OK'.

"You go to a Los Angeles hotel, which I'm not going to name, and a woman comes over and says how funny and how great you are and she is hot. I mean hot. You end up having sex and then the woman's Nigerian con-man boyfriend has a baby with her and she calls and says she's having your baby.

"For some men, they would rather pay the child support than tell their wives. I don't remember not using a condom. But I was married. I always had a good relationship with my mother. I was lucky. The FBI was called in. These are psycho girls. They know what they are doing."

12/09/2004 14:11