Chris Rock is terrified cyber-crooks will hack into his emails and show them to the world because he makes offensive jokes "for a living".

The Sony Pictures Entertainment network was hacked last month (Nov14) and a host of private information, including email correspondences, has been leaked online.

A number of executives have been embarrassed by their emails, including Scott Rudin, who blasted Angelina Jolie and Michael Fassbender in messages to his colleagues.

Rock, who worked with Rudin on new comedy Top Five, says most Hollywood stars are frightened about their emails being hacked and he is convinced he would face a backlash because he frequently writes offensive remarks.

According to New York Post gossip column Page Six, he said at a question-and-answer session, "Read my emails, I say offensive things for a living... This whole thing is just scary... It's emails, it's your private stuff. And the whole town is scared... nobody knows what to do."

He compares the potential for long-running repercussions to the widespread backlash businessman Donald Sterling faced when he was overheard making racist remarks earlier this year (14), adding, "You say the wrong thing - you see what happened to (Sterling)... I'm not defending what Sterling said at all, but if that's not the First Amendment then what the f**k is? And what did he say, 'I don't want my girlfriend hanging out with black basketball players?' Me neither!"