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The fact that you can't name 1 Black Crowes song and you can name 35 Taylor Swift songs shows that YOU are the exact person he's talking about.The Black Crowes were just inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame a while back...They've been making music for 2 decades now.No talent hacks like Taylor Swift will come and go... true music will always win out in the end.Go put your Taylor Swift record on and cry about your ex-boyfriends some more... leave the "music critiques" to people who actually have taste and can appreciate what is good, ORIGINAL music... not some pre-packaged sample from a computer about how her 15th boyfriend dumped her.

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by lateralus88

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All of you that's saying Taylor can sing, WATCH THIS VIDEO:

Posted 7 years 2 weeks ago by mjlover4life

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I can name at least 20 songs by Taylor Swift, it's funny I can't name a single song by the black crowes and I'm 35 years old. People are just jealous of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has more talent in her pinky, than the entire black crowes band, yet alone this jealous This Black crowes deuchebag leaving the negative comments. The Black Crowes are a washed up never was band. LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE

Posted 7 years 2 weeks ago by's picture

Robinson's comments are worthless and not credible (just an opinion) and if he had any class would keep them to himself. Now I know why in my huge music collection there are 0 Black Crowes and 2 Taylor Swift CD's. And I have something from practically everyone which probably explains the sour grapes.

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by Getagrip

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I've heard Taylor Swift live and on cd multiple times. There's no autotune to her. No one messes with her voice in studio.Is he jealous that the Black Crowes are not a popular as Taylor Swift?

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by terpsfan

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It always surprises me when people in the public eye and the arts feel that what THEY do is so much the better than someone else does. If you don't like it keep it to yourself. Obviously there are many who like Taylor Swifts musical talents, just as there are those who enjoy Chris Martin. Who is to say whom is the better? Arts are so subjective. Perhaps there are many a person who doesn't like long hair and all that body hair as well. Perhaps if he shaved and got a hair cut he might see things more clearly.

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by patmac

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I agree with has nothing with being bitter or jelous...the girl would be nothing without autotune. She looks cute but can't sing...she should stick to song writing for other people to sing.....

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by Rebel

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I agree with him, she's very cute, but I just couldn't see why she won all those awards. The girl can't sing

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by stefwhit

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Actually, I don't think Robinson is jealous at all, he is right on. There is no accounting for taste, and Taylor Swift is a perfect example of that. Cute, yes, but talented, less than stellar.

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by esg101

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Is he that bitter, angered, and jealous of this young lady's success to publicly call her horrible? Chris Robinson, yeah, that's who everyone thinks of when thinking "vocal talent."

Posted 7 years 3 weeks ago by WKDIL1

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