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Posted 3 years 1 month ago by Open Nick

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Bonjour Mr. Rea,Un jour j'était dans ma voiture et je comtenplait un paysage paisible avec la vague à l'âme. Soudain à la radio se met à jouer Driving home for Christmas, et instantanément la tristesse est disparue simplement par la voix chaude et douce et troublante qui me parvenait du haut parleur. Qui es-ce me demandais-je? qui a cette voix chaude et réconfortante. ALors sur le web je me sis mise à essayer toute sorte de titre et un 5 étoiles m'est apparue et je cliquait sur Cris Rea drinving.. et que vois-je un homme magnifique et talentueux beau comme un coeur1J'étais séduite.Si un jour vous venez au Canada plus particulièrement au Québec où un festival de jazz se tient en juillet, alors je me ferait un paisir de vous faire conaître cette belle province qu'est le Québec.Je vous souhaite la santé et le bonheur à vous et votre famille.Une fan inconditionnelle.Love¨Francine Beaudoin

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by francine beaudoin

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My wife and I are huge Chris Rea fans. We live in Indiana in the U.S. It seems most people over here have little idea who Chris is. My wife has terminal cancer and we would love to see Chris perform before it's too late. Does anyone know if he ever comes to the U.S.? He is one enormous talent! His voice and songwriting are the best out of the entire music scene. I'd really appreciate any info anyone can give me.Thanks,Jerry

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by jentz68

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Hi all of you Chris Rea fans out there. I want to go and see Chris in concert at The Leas Cliff Hall in my home town of Folkestone in Kent. Does anyone know if and when he is playing there at all? I also hope he is well and because I am a nosey cow, I want to know more about his family? Does anyone know if he has children? I love him so much and I feel ashamed to admit it but I hope his wife has run off with someone else because I really want to ask him out on date! Does anyone know a bit more about his personal life? I don't suppose you would, being the fans and not the people that run his fanbase? Please contact me if any like minded fans fancy coming to one of his concerts with me? Also, does any die hard fan know what star sign he is? He sounds like a cancerian to me? But I could be wrong, so let me know? Love from Miss Emma L Jones. You can contact me about tickets on 01303 231174. Or please e-mail or alternatively my student e-mail Thanks. It would be great if I could do his merchandizing and leaflet distribution for him etc? On second thoughts I reckon he may be a sagitarian after all? Does anyone know? Emma XXXXXX

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by's picture

Chris Rea is one amazingly talented musician. Unfortunately I think he got overlooked when he immerged in the disco days of the late 1970’s. His lyrics are second to done and his guitar and piano playing are great. Thank god he has persevered this long and his son “Driving Home for Christmas” has made people ask the question “Who is this guy with the amazing blues jazz sound?”I always loved “Fool if you think it’s Over” from 1978. It is one of my all time favorite songs and I think it is his best among all the great recordings he ahs done.

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by ballderus

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Living in Sri Lanka, I hadn't heard many of Chris Rea's songs. His song "Road to Hell" is my fave. JUst love everything about it - his voice, his singing and the music. I listen to it over and over again.Wishing Chris many more years of great music. Keep it up....

Posted 11 years 3 weeks ago by Jayarine

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For up-to-date Chris Rea news, discography and forum, visit:

Posted 11 years 5 months ago by webmaster chris...

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A few years back there was a concert by Chris Rea on radio 2 ( presented by Ken Bruce ) can anybody help with a copy.

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by smiffee

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i have heard chris say that his recent illness has led to him composing some spititual and gospel music.can anyone help me and tell me the title of these tracks as i would like to buy them-patrick

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by PATRICK

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