Shooting the remake of the 1960 western was a difficult task, with the cast and crew having to film on location in the searing heat of the Louisiana summer.

However Chris never whined that director Antoine Fuqua was pushing him and his castmates too far as they were being looked after by real-life cowboys.

"There was a lot of tough moments (on set)," Chris told "But we were surrounded by tough people. We're dressed up as cowboys but there were actual cowboys taking care of us... There were cowboys there who don't get the credit or the paycheck and they're there because they're just bada*s dudes."

The 37-year-old star also praised the movie's stuntmen, singling out veteran stunt coordinator Jeffrey J. Dashnaw for praise.

"There was a ton of stuntmen, and I'm talking from Jeff Dashnaw all the way down, they're jumping out of windows, crashing through glass, falling 20 feet, landing on their back and then a horse comes and stomps on top of them and runs off and then we're going to be like, 'Oh this sucks it's so hot, oh my cigar went out?’ We weren't allowed to b**ch because we were surrounded by real men,” he smiled.

Of working with the cowboys he adds, "It was really cool because we'd look at them and we're playing a version of them and they're informing us on how we could be, and there weren't any complaints coming from them, so we followed the lead of the working class heroes who really made this movie."

In order to help his actors through the harsh conditions, Antoine played the cast songs from the film's score, composed by the late James Horner. The composer tragically died in a plane crash in June 2015.

"He left us seven songs, which he did from the script," the filmmaker said at the movie's Toronto premiere earlier this month (Sep16)."I played them (the songs) on the set when there were tough days."

The Magnificent Seven debuts in cinemas from Wednesday Friday (21Sep16).