Chris Pratt finds it ''therapeutic'' doing his own stunts.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star finds a ''certain Zen'' to doing his own tricks in his action movies.

He said: ''When you do movies that are action-based, you're running and jumping, diving, rolling, getting out of the way, doing stunts, being strung up on wires - and doing all the prep that's involved in that.

''There's a certain Zen to it. You lose yourself, kind of quiet your mind when you do something physical. It's therapeutic. I like hard, physical work.''

And the 37-year-old actor would love to star in something he has penned himself and revealed he has already written a script which is ''very personal about his life''.

He added: ''I have a script I wrote that's very personal about my life, that I've written almost more as an acting exercise than something I'd produce. But I think if I finish my career without ever having starred in something that I wrote and directed, I'll feel some regret about that.''

And Chris believes he has the skill to relate to everybody.

He told the May issue of Men's Fitness magazine: ''I do feel like I relate to everybody - to the struggles of people both out here and where I grew up. I feel like I could have a beer or a meal with just about anyone and find something to relate to.''

Meanwhile, Chris previously admitted his family - his wife Anna Faris and their four-year-old son Jack - keep him grounded.

He said: ''That has been the best part of this world tour by far. It's nice to have your family with you because it brings you down to earth and when you leave your feet on the ground, you realise what it feels like to have your head in the


''You go with the flow and things come and go and you're not even there to record or observe them. So when your family bring you back down to earth you get to experience this - or at least I do - in a while different way. When they are present with me, I get to be present with me as well.''