Chris Pratt likes to ''wallow in his sorrow''.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actor is a big fan of country music and particularly enjoys listening to sad songs when he's away working and missing his wife Anna Faris and their son Jack, four.

He said: ''I like a good story and also to wallow in my sorrow sometimes.

''I travel a lot and if I'm missing my wife and son, I'll listen to a little bit of Chris Stapleton, Emmylou Harris, some good sad country music.

''It helps me sit down and have a nice cry... I don't really sit and cry but I like a good story.

''I've also been listening to a band called Needtobreathe a lot lately, probably more than anything else. I listen to them when I run.''

The 37-year-old actor works hard to retain his toned physique with body conditioning, cardio, hot yoga and circuit training, but likes to relax his regime and have a little fun if he knows he's got a break from making movies.

He said: ''It's all about having an understanding of how long it will take to get into that peak shape.

''When I'm not working, I'll have a little more fun and be less strict, and then when it comes to it I give myself ample amounts of time to get there.''

But that doesn't mean Chris enjoys all the exercise he does.

He admitted: ''[I dread] burpees. They suck. They're what we in the States call a d**k-dragger.''

The 'Jurassic World' actor has been working a lot in the UK lately, and is gearing up for a lengthy stint watching popular British reality TV shows when his family come to visit.

He told Glamour magazine: ''Qs soon as Anna wraps her TV show, she and Jack are coming to stay.

''When that happens, I assure you it will take no more than 24 hours before we've got a cycle of British reality TV playing, because she'll be on it.''