Chris Pratt ''prayed'' his son would survive.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star - who has two-year-old Jack with Anna Faris - admitted that he feared the worst when his son was born nine weeks premature.

He said: ''He was three pounds, 12 ounces. Anna got to hold him for a moment and then it was off to the NICU - the neonatal intensive care unit ...

''He had jaundice, so they put a blindfold on him and he slept beneath [a] creepy light and he had a PICC line, which is an IV that runs up his arm into his heart. He had a feeding tube and just wires in and out, and he lived in that incubator. That was his first crib.''

The 35-year-old actor - who was warned by doctors that Jack may have special needs and need surgery to correct his sight - explained how much ''love'' he felt for his child.

Speaking to reporters at a charity event, Us Weekly details Chris as saying: ''The only people allowed to touch him were his mom and me, unless you were wearing gloves.

''We did this amazing thing they call 'skin-to-skin' -- it was just the best feeling I ever had. It's just what it sounds like.

''My little boy was laying across my neck and chest feeling my heartbeat and feeling my love, and I played him country music and I sang to him and I made him promises... in that moment... you know, about... just about what kind of dad I wanted to be, and I just prayed that he'd be here long enough and he was going to let me keep him.''