Chris Pratt is excited that his son has started talking.

The 'Parks and Recreation' star has a 17-month-old little boy, Jack, with his wife, Anna Faris, and admits he is often surprised by what comes out of his child's mouth.

The 34-year-old star told ''He'll totally surprise me with the things he'll say, maybe a week after he heard me say it.

''[He'll repeat] toys, colours, body parts like knee, elbow, hand. You get the sense that he knows a lot more than he's saying [aloud]. I'll say, 'Where's your head?' and he'll point to his head. And I'll say, 'Put the sock on your nose,' and he'll put it on his nose.''

He added: ''Every day is something new. I'm noticing he's really observant. He's watching everything around him and [using it as] a learning moment.''

The couple haven't introduced Jack to any of their TV shows or films yet.

The 'Lego Movie' star explained: ''We keep him away from the screen right now, but I'm sure we'll be plopping him in front of [it] in no time.''

Anna, 37, recently claimed she and Chris lead ''boring lives'' and love nothing more than spending time at home together.

She said: ''A home-cooked meal, tinkering around our home, [sitting] around with the fireplace and a glass of wine.

''We really value our private time. Also, we have kind of boring lives.''