The actors appeared on stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada to promote their new science-fiction film Passengers.

However, things did not go to plan. When addressing a crowd of movie fans, Chris dropped his microphone on Jennifer's foot, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Ow! you dropped it on my foot," Jennifer exclaimed as the device landed on her, before Chris joked that the incident was in stark contrast to the infamous moment when Kanye West grabbed Taylor Swift's microphone at the 2009 Grammy Awards, saying, "That was the anti-Kanye, I dropped the mic on your foot."

The Guardian of the Galaxy star's clumsiness wasn't the only thing which caught the attention of film fans at event which took place at Caesars Palace hotel and casino. Jennifer took to the stage wearing a slinky black vest sans bra, and the combination of the venue's harsh lighting and flash photography, left the Silver Linings Playbook star a little over-exposed

Chris and Jennifer were at CinemaCon to show fans a clip from their new movie, which sees the pair cast as an odd couple who travel into space. Jennifer plays a writer obsessed with space travel, while the Jurassic World star plays a mechanic who attempts to leave Earth after struggling in his work life.

Speaking about their two characters Jennifer said, “They couldn’t be more opposite.”

Even when talking about the film however, the pair couldn't resist making mischief as both mocked the fact that while introducing the clip from their movie, they were being fed lines by a teleprompter.

Audiences will be able to see if Jennifer and Chris' hi-jinks filled chemistry translates onto the big screen when Passengers is released in December (16).