Chris Pratt surprised Anna Faris with a new engagement ring this week.

The couple got engaged in 2008, less than a year before they married, and the 40-year-old actress was stunned when her hunky husband reaffirmed his commitment to her by splashing out on a more lavish piece of jewellery.

She gushed: ''He just got me this ring. I know. Like two days ago.

''I look [at it] and I'm like, 'I can't believe it either!' He's an incredibly romantic man and I'm very, very lucky.''

And the 'Passengers' actor revealed Anna - with whom he has four-year-old son Jack - splashed out on an equally impressive gift for him.

He told E! News: ''She got me a tractor, so we're kind of even!''

The 37-year-old actor is disappointed that his young son is a big fan of superheroes, but has no interest in his 'Guardians of the Galaxy' alter ego Star-Lord.

Anna said: ''He does like all the Marvel heroes - except Star-Lord!''

Chris added: ''Like, 'Who do you want to be for Halloween? 'Captain America or Iron Man!'

''I was like, 'What about Star-Lord?' 'Nah. Maybe Spider-Man.' ''

The youngster is excited about Christmas, and is hoping Santa brings him a gift he was banned from having a few years ago.

Chris said: He wants a remote control helicopter. I got him one two years ago, but Anna was like, 'Honey--he's two. You can't give him a remote control helicopter. He's going to kill somebody!' ''

Anna recently joked she is siding with Jennifer Lawrence in her ongoing prank war with Chris.

The 'Jurassic World' actor started the fake feud when he began cropping his 'Passengers' co-star out of his Instagram selfies, and the blonde beauty got revenge when she appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and vandalised a bus adorned with their movie poster by spray painting over Chris' face.

And asked how she feels about the vandalism, Anna said: ''I fully support Jennifer Lawrence. I am all for it. I adore her!''

Whilst Chris responded: ''I can't believe you're Team Jen. That sucks. I need some support, I thought you'd back me up.''